On April 29 + 30, 2016, we celebrated our 50th anniversary, and our induction into the Old Guard of Rutgers.

Class Portrait
Class Portrait by Diane Hardies

Marshaling for Parade by Diane Hardies

Parade by Steven Weiner

Many, many more photos… Links to the RUAA photos pages for our reunion gatherings:
Old Guard Dinner photos
Reunion Parade photos
Brunch photos (following the parade)

Fund raising results, announced at our Old Guard Induction:

  • 23% of our classmates participated in our fundraising campaign
  • We raised $26,500 for the Queens Campus gates, including lighting and the Class of 66 Plaques
  • We increased our scholarship endowment by $83,000 and
  • We raised a significant level of support all around the university.
  • We can still do more…..


— Make a gift to our class scholarship endowment