LB Portrait
Larry Benjamin is the Class Correspondent, responsible for our Class Columns in the Rutgers Magazine and on the RAA website

The class columns are written to inform readers of Rutgers Magazine of what our classmates are doing – in their careers, in the military, at home or at play and now in retirement, for the community or for the university. Larry has been providing this look at who we are as class correspondent since 1969. As more classes have graduated, space in the magazine has become more precious, so we are limited to 300 words. Fortunately, this website provides a more expansive report.

In the first three decades or so, the news was gathered from press releases and newspaper articles, from phone calls or even personal letters. With the technological advancements of the 21st century, email notes and online searches have become the primary sources of career and personal achievements, retirement honors and transitions. Alas, as time has passed, we have lost too many classmates. Emailed notes from family or friends, supplemented by online obituary notices, enable us to bid farewell and celebrate these lives.

Please reach out to help tell the story of our special Rutgers class, e-mail Larry

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